Upgrade to a Modern Living Room

Posted on Feb.01, 2013

With all the movies in theaters that relive the story lines of classic novels, it is easy to justify the ‘classic’ appearance of your home. You might call it classic, but really what it is is old fashioned and out of date. … Continue reading

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Mix Use Property Renovations Financing

Posted on Jan.30, 2013

Mixed- use properties: what are they and do you own one? A mixed-use property is one where a percentage of the space is used for commercial purposes while the other percentage is devoted to residential purposes. Always wanted that barber … Continue reading

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Beautiful Floors Once Again

Posted on Jan.28, 2013

You walk, dance, and jump on them every day but yet you probably never think twice about the condition of your floors. The flooring in your home supports all of your furniture, all of the feet that frequent the rooms … Continue reading

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Bathroom Renovations Made Easy

Posted on Jan.25, 2013

Your bathroom is probably the least talked about room in your humble abode. Granted, you use it just as much as the other rooms, but you just never find yourself devoting too much attention to it. Due to never being … Continue reading

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Outdoor Entertaining Space

Posted on Jan.23, 2013

Being the best hostess on your block can often prove to be a challenging task. You have to stay up to date on the latest wine trends, keep your guest room stocked with the finest linens and toiletries, and throw … Continue reading

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